About My Daily Grinds

A blog where I share my fitness journey and knowledge on fitness, training methodologies, and nutrition with everyone.

A brief introduction about myself….



I am a fitness enthusiast and a certified personal trainer who has a passion for extreme physical challenges. After serving my National Service with the Commandos, I have taken part in several ultra marathons and other physical challenges which are considered to be extremely tough.

Fitness Philosophy:

As a certified fitness coach, I firmly believe that a well-rounded development of fitness will benefit everyone in both the mind and the body. For the working professionals, a regular and well-planned program will lead to better work performance. For the housewife, a regular program will give you the work capacity to perform your household chores on still leave you with enough energy to enjoy your leisure time. Fitness has helped me in so many ways that I want to share this passion of mine with you guys so as to help you guys lead a more energetic and fulfilling life!

Official Achievements:
2012 SAFSA Inter Formation Cross Country Championships (Individual 6th)
2012 Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon – (completed in 3h 25min)
2013 Sundown 100km Ultra Marathon – completed in 11h 42min (16th place)
2014 Craze Nuts Ultra 101km – completed in 15h 00min
2014 Monster Ultra 200km – completed in 43h 41min
2016 Singapore 200 Miles Ultra – Runner Up (76h58min)
2017 Wild Goose Chase Ultra Running Festival Duck’s Nuts (177km 3 days multi-stage race)

Self completed challenges:

2014 Burpees during New Year’s Eve of 2014
1000 Burpee Pull Ups during New Year’s Eve of 2015
2017 Burpees during New Year’s Eve of 2016